Volunteers: Have you got them covered?

contributed by Keely Rust, Charities Insurance Manager for Reid Briggs & Co Ltd, 49 South Street, Eastbourne BN21 4UT.
If your organisation is like most charities and community groups, you engage on a regular basis with volunteers who perform a wide range of tasks in many different settings. But, if something went wrong, would you be covered by your existing insurance policy?

Recruiting Trustees with Criminal Records

by Maureen Anstey, Community Development Officer (Eastbourne)

A Brief Guide to Crowdfunding

by Sue Shoesmith, Senior Community Development Officer
What do the Statue of Liberty and a gallery converted from a public toilet in Frome, Somerset have in common? The answer is that the money for both was raised by crowdfunding! It is estimated that £200 million was invested through crowdfunding in the UK in 2012 and that sum will have risen to £4.7 billion a year for UK charities by 2016.
What is Crowdfunding?


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