The Future of Support and Reflecting on Past Success

Dear Readers,

3VA is excited to be working with our partners at Hastings Voluntary Action, Rother Voluntary Action and Action in Rural Sussex on new project work which will bring three key changes to our work:

Communication Revolution and BIG Successes

Dear readers,
A phrase we hear a lot today is ‘social media’ – in fact to the point where it can almost be a cliché. I know some of you are already embracing the opportunities it can give you to reach people and raise awareness of what you do, to make your
voice heard and keep informed on relevant topics. But it is not for everyone, and to decide if it can be helpful for you, and how, we’re taking a look at social media in our Summer 2012 issue.

Thanks to all those who made our AGM a success

Dear readers,
It was great to see so many of you at our AGM in early December, especially as the weather was so terrible! We had three key themes on the night – a reminder of the importance of the voluntary sector and some inspiration all the way from Canada in the form of Dr David Phipps; the health changes and the sector; and the Localism Act. We are putting together a breakdown of some of the topics discussed and matters raised by our speakers, which we will disseminate through our website and eNewsletter.


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