Community Space


Space Needs and Space Offers within the Voluntary & Community Sector

We want to know more about what the space needs of local voluntary and community groups are, to help to try and match them to organisations with available space. We also want to explore what potential there is to develop “hubs” where a range of organisations co-locate. So if you have space available or are in need of space (event/meeting, office, hot-desking, parking or storage), please let us know - the more information we have, the easier it is to make connections between different groups.


You can see what's available here on the VCS Space Offers/Needs Map (open in Google Chrome if possible).


Would you like your community space to appear on our map? Send the following details to Scott Roedersheimer, Marketing and Information Officer, at

  • Organisation name
  • Address including postcode
  • Type of space available (e.g. meeting, event)
  • Contact name and details
  • Website (if available)
  • Description of the space(s)
  • Charges
  • Accessibility

For more details, please contact Jenny Watson, Development and Representation Manager, at or 01323 639 373.



Space Work



3VA is a voluntary sector representative on the SPACES (Strategic Property Asset Collaboration East Sussex) group, which is looking at making best use of public sector assets across East Sussex and identifying opportunities for rationalization and co-location. 


Lewes District

St Anne's Old Schoool Site: We have been involved in the St Annes Old School Site enabling interim community use of the groups - please click here for more information.

Sale: The site was declared "surplus" by East Sussex County Council in 2012, the first stage in disposing of an asset. A sale of the site is now imminent following the marketing of the site restricting the sale to community use.


Magistrates Court:  We also identified the unique opportunities presented by the sale of the Magistrates Court in Lewes and approached a number of key partners, including Lewes District Council, East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police (as the SPACES project Chair) and Norman Baker MP. Unfortunately, the constraints of the conditions of sale were not able to be overcome in the short timeframe; however, we are actively seeking other opportunities.

Sale: The site has been acquired by Quora and a mixed development including a hotel alongside retail and leisure is proposed. 


North Street (Phoenix) Site:  The owners, the Santon Group, are continuing to consult on the future of the site. A range of information, including a summaries of the issues discussed at the first consultation event and progress can be found online – the second consultation event will take place at Lewes Town Hall on 21 September.



Eastbourne Town Hall: Eastbourne Borough Council are exploring the possibilities of this site after completing the relocation of all staff to their 1 Grove Road site. 



Pine Grove, Crowborough: Wealden District Council are exploring the possibilities of this site after completing the relocation of all staff to Hailsham.