Eastbourne Strategic Partnership

The Eastbourne Strategic Partnership (ESP) brings together representatives of the public, private and voluntary and community sectors.  It has produced a community strategy for Eastbourne addressing some of the key issues that need to be tackled to improve the quality of life for people living in the town. 


It is arranged in nine thematic groups, including the main strategic partnership board. Details of meetings and activities can be obtained from the Eastbourne Borough Council website.


Community Representatives

Community Representatives have two roles: to participate in meetings of the Eastbourne Strategic Partnership and its thematic sub groups as voluntary sector representatives and feed back relevant information to 3VA and groups. There is an election process for community representatives and nominations are welcomed from all member groups. Community representatives gather views, issues and concerns of members and ensure that these are taken to the appropriate meeting. They also assist in feeding back information to ECN members.


The representatives meet regularly to discuss local issues and to prepare for upcoming meetings where they represent the local voluntary and community sector.


Community representatives can make a real difference. This is what Eastbourne Borough Council have said about the representatives on the Community Environmental Partnership for Eastbourne (CEPE):


“The three reps have been invaluable and have kept the group focussed on the important issues, making sure we did the right thing, asking searching questions and taking any initiatives back to the community they represent. With the new CEPE website that is going to be created we would like to have a page for the community reps/champions just to highlight the good work they do and to encourage others to get involved.”

Nick Adlam

Energy and Environment Advisor


For more information, please contact Jenny Watson, Representation Officer on jenny.watson@3va.org.uk or 01323 419 788.


Your representatives are:


Eastbourne Strategic Partnership
Reps: Martyn Relf, Loretta Lock & Helen McCabe


Healthy Eastbourne Board
Rep: Vacant

Enterprising Eastbourne
Rep: Vacant


Eastbourne Housing Partnership
Rep: Sue Hennell


Eastbourne Education Business Partnership
Rep: Loretta Lock


Eastbourne Crime Reduction Partnership
Rep: Vacant


Eastbourne Culture & Sports Partnership
Rep: Derek Legg


Children’s Services Planning Group
Rep: Vacant


Community Environment Partnership for Eastbourne
Reps: Stephen Brown & Karen Stewart


To comment on an upcoming issue, please contact your community rep at: ecnreps@3va.org.uk.