Local Information

There are a range of great sources of information to help you better understand the local area and its communities needs - whether you're planning your services or looking for evidence to help make a funding application. Here are some of our recommendations:


East Sussex in Figures - a countywide resource that covers in-depth information in a number of areas, as well as more general area profiles. Run by East Sussex County Council, they offer short training courses for anyone wanting to learn how to make the most of the website.


Neighbourhood Statistics - by the Office of National Statistics, this website can find you detailed information on local authority, ward/parish level and more.


Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) - contains a wealth of information on the future health and wellbeing needs of the local population. The Local Needs Profiles for each district and borough are particularly useful to local groups seeking in-depth information.


Pride of Place (the East Sussex Sustainable Community Strategy) - outlines the high level countywide (and local) priorities in the 11 key areas of economy, transport, housing, environment, education, health & wellbeing, safety, community, culture, older people and younger people.


Its also always a great idea to check your local Council's website to see how your work might fit within their priorities:

Eastbourne Borough Council

Lewes District Council

Wealden District Council