3VA can help you navigate your way through the labyrinth of new policy and key changes that impact on the voluntary and community sector. There a number of good quality sources for up-to-date policy information, including:

 Key Updates for the Local Voluntary and Community Sector 


The Welfare Reform Bill 2011

The Welfare Reform Bill - find out more about the aims to save £5.5bn over the next four years, provide incentives to work and sanctions for those turning down jobs


The 2011 Budget 

The 2011 Budget: Briefing - the 2011 Budget introduced a number of measures that will benefit the sector, including changes to Gift Aid.


Changes in Health Sector

Public Health White Paper: Briefing - looking at changes in public health, including local government's role in commissioning public health services and a ring-fenced budget for public health


The 2010 Equalities Act

The Equalities Act: Briefing - coming into force on 1 October, this act replaced longstanding discrimination legislation and introduced important changes that employers need to consider when recruiting and managing staff.


Changes to Adult Social Care

Personalisation: Briefing - important changes to the way in which people receive social care support, focusing on tailoring services to individual needs and while the strongest impact will be felt by those working in health and social care, it is likely to influence commissioning generally from the public sector.


Changes to the Rights and Responsibilities of Local Communities

The Big Society & The Localism Bill: Briefing – important national policy that looks at communities taking responsibility and how they can be freed to make the decisions that affect them.

The Localism Act: Briefing - a look at the new powers outlined in the Act and what the critics are saying


The Recession

The East Sussex Local Resilience Action Plan is an assessment of the impact of the recession locally on voluntary and community organisations and communities they serve. The Charity Commission has also issued The Economic Downturn: 15 Questions Trustees Need to Ask, an excellent guide to get you prioritising the right actions.