Our Staff


Adam Chugg, Chief Executive Officer: adam.chugg@3va.org.uk


Jenny Watson, Head of Development:  jenny.watson@3va.org.uk / Ext. 214

Miriam Wilkinson, Head of Development: miriam.wilkinson@3va.org.uk / Ext. 213


Group Support

Lee Shepherd, Community Development Officer (Lewes District): lee.shepherd@3va.org.uk / Ext. 218

Fiona Morton, Community Development Officer (Wealden): fiona.morton@3va.org.uk / Ext. 207

Stephen Hughes, Community Development Officer (Eastbourne): stephen.hughes@3va.org.uk / Ext. 208

Martina Taylor, Community Development Support Officer (Training and Membership): martina.taylor@3va.org.uk / Ext. 210



Scott Roedersheimer, Communications Officer: scott.r@3va.org.uk


Finance, Human Resources, Room Hire and Office Services

Alan Stevens, Finance Manager: Alan.Stevens@3va.org.uk / Ext. 205

Sheila Lindsey, Facilities & Premises Officer: sheila.lindsey@3va.org.uk / Ext. 202

William Matar, Finance Officer: finance@3va.org.uk / Ext. 206

Phil Turner, Caretaker



Jo Leinster, Community Development Officer: jo.leinster@3va.org.uk

Jo Wunsch, Community Development Officer: jo.wunsch@3va.org.uk


Countywide Projects


Health and Wellbeing Visits Project

Giuliana Bracciali, Volunteer Coordinator: giuliana.bracciali@esfrs.org / 01323 462 413


SpeakUp Countywide Forum

Rebecca Luton, Project Support Officer: rebecca.luton@3va.org.uk / Ext. 209


Volunteer Centre East Sussex

Lee Shepherd, Volunteering Development Coordinator: lee.shepherd@vces.org.uk / Ext. 218