Useful Online Tools

The internet is packed full of useful tools that can support your work.  But where do to look?


The Community How To website is a great place to start, outlining a range of different digital tools based on what work you're up do - events, projects and communications.


tt Exchange - a fantastic website that allows charities to access software for free and you only pay a handling charge

InKind Direct - another fantastic resource that allows charities to access a range of products, from cloths and cleaning supplies to electronics and office equipment, for free and you only pay a handling charge


Turning Data into Great Graphics

A guide to data visualisation from Computer World

Visualisation tools for beginners

Wordle and Tagxedo both generate word clouds - colourful word pictures enlarge the ‘important’ words, based on how often they occur. Upload a text document and try out different fonts and colours.

Many Eyes IBM data visualization tools. Create powerful visualizations from uploaded data including pie, bubble and bar charts, graphs, tree charts, scatter clouds etc. Data is publicly visible and you can freely browse other people’s diagrams for inspiration.

Google tools – Drawing, Fusion tables, Forms Make charts, diagrams, surveys, maps, timelines and more. Data can be stored and shared with colleagues online. Users need a gmail address to log in.

BatchGeo an easy way to turn spreadsheet data in to a map. Simply cut and paste your data into the website and they will do the rest for you! Lets you group your data by colour.

Open Heat  Another free, easy to use mapping tool

ScribbleMaps create unique maps with routes, annotations and pictures