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MEDIA JOB DESCRIPTION To increase the media profile of Children with Cancer Fund, Polegate by dealing with the following: • Preparing regular articles for press and liaising with appropriate places such a local magazines/ newspapers/ radio (establishing also a list of contacts). • Running/ updating CWCF Facebook page to include looking out for up and coming events to pass to Fundraising Team, scheduling posts, creating events/ fundraisers as and when needed/ requested to do so. Replying to messages. • Running the Area Facebook groups and keeping families up to date with events/ information as necessary. Invite all families to join the pages periodically. • Running/ updating CWCF Twitter page to include engaging with “mentions” and “tweets” from others, answering messages. Taking part in “tweet-ups” online such as Charity Hour. Creating lists to organise Twitter page. • Running/ updating Instagram page with appropriate photos and engaging with others who link their photos to us. • Thanking people for their donations/ time as and when necessary on most appropriate social media platform to include linking in their business/ Facebook page as required. • Liaising with Fundraising Team over what media posts are required when events are taking place/ volunteers needed. • Ensuring that everyone who supports CWCF whether it be via Virgin Money/ Just Giving/ local businesses/ penny pots etc are mentioned on our social media platforms to show our appreciation and if a business for example link in their social media/ website page. • Attending any necessary workshops to assist with employment. • Attending any necessary events to meet people/ take photos. • Research- see note below* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WEBSITE (Once have a better understanding of Web page) • Ensure the CWCF Web page is maintained and kept up to date with thank you’s”, “Events”, “Blogs” Stories” and photos as appropriate. • Respond to emails and enquiries sent via the website (when we know where they actually go!) NB: MEDIA WISHLIST prepared for Trustee Meeting • To understand and be able to update the website and keep this up to date. • Once the website is being run then I think the other social media platforms may fall into place around it as can use the blog posts from the website to push out articles to the other platforms. • To See Greg once a month/ even every quarter to go through any ideas thoughts he has. • What happened to the stories we were going to do, coming from some of the children? We had that meeting with Ian last year and nothing ever happened after that? • Media needs to be kept up to date with events, fundraisers, grants etc. There is still lack of communication to media even though this is better than it was. For example I sometimes I stumble across Facebook posts of photos with us in/ see a receipt/an event in the diary and know nothing about the event/ donation. Just this week I found a photo on Identities Facebook page of them at our office. (Drusillas) • Time is the main issue here as not everything can be achieved in 7 hours per week. Need to prioritize. Perhaps (as has happened recently) when events are taking place, whoever is at the events could post up onto FB rather than sending me the pictures to put out on FB. Just one idea to save some time. • Maybe every couple of weeks- do a few media hours in the office to build up the area groups/ families on FB. • * Should I be researching local events/ places who are looking for a charity of the year etc? • Discuss content that Trustees would like to see articles written about. Need to spend time sorting out what is there first before jumping on and looking to do new things: WEBSITE FACEBOOK- FRIENDS and invite all families to page and area groups Twitter- create lists and see who we are following
Children With Cancer Fund
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Friday, April 19, 2019 - 12:41
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Lots of Tea & biscuits