Adult Social Care and Health invites the voluntary and community sector to participate in engagement events

5 November 2018

Adult Social Care and Health (ASCH) aims to promote, maintain and enhance people’s wellbeing and independence in their communities so they are healthier, more resilient and less likely to need formal health and social care services. In order to do this, ASCH is working together to commission and support interventions and services that:

  • Use community centred and asset based approaches that involve and empower individuals and local communities to actively participate and take action on improving community health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.
  • Encourage people to take more responsibility for their own care, and support families and communities to help people stay as healthy and independent as possible without the need for formal health and social care services.
  • Support people reaching, or at, a point of crisis by providing short-term outcomes-based support that enables them to regain their independence after the crisis has passed and continue living independently without ongoing formal health and social care services.
  • Enable people with long term conditions and support needs to maximise their independence through support from family and friends and community based services, and reduce their reliance on formal health and social care services.

ASCH will be holding two engagement sessions with voluntary and community sector organisations in November and December; the first to draw together learning, experience and evidence to inform its future commissioning intentions and service delivery models, and the second to feedback on how this has been used and next steps.

The engagement events are taking place:

If you would like to attend, please click on the link(s) above to confirm your place(s). If you have any queries, please email